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Monday Madness: (TBD) - Muir Lake School

  • ~60mins. This is an on-track and core circuit workout designed to help build the basics of running form and speed. Playground area is adjacent to the track for kids. 

Humpday Hills: Wednesdays @ 6:30PM - Chickakoo Recreation Area

  • 60 - 90mins. This is an on-trail workout designed to introduce the group to managing climbs and descents while building strength. Each workout will begin with a 15min warm up to the hill and 15min cool down. Great for runners and hikers.

Singletrack Slinky: Saturdays @ 8:30AM - Chickakoo Recreation Area 

  • ~90mins. This is an all paces on-trail run. Terrain will be hilly Nordic trails and single-track.

Group runs are for all abilities and paces of runners. Nobody will run alone and nobody will get left behind. Participants are responsible for proper, attire, footwear and hydration.

If you are new to trail running feel free to use our sample training plan below!

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