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Run For Recovery 12K exceeded our hopes and goals on every level:

  • $13,000+ Raised for Our House Addiction Recovery Center

  • 180 Registered participants aged 4 to 73!

  • 50+ Volunteers on site from 11AM to 10PM!



“…to me the recovery run was a metaphor for the 12 steps to recovery. For myself the 12k was a challenge as is the recovery process. At times I was among others on the trail and felt quite comfortable and confident as I'm sure addicts do when surrounded with support. There were numerous moments on the course where I was alone and started second guessing myself as to if I was on the right path and then I would see a sign of hope (the orange marker) and realize I was ok, but then there was a turn arrow and no marker for a bit and I'd start wondering again if I'd taken the right path. It wasn't until marker 11 where I could truly relax and know I was on the right path and know I was almost done what I started. When coming through the finish there was awesome support and I hope that is what addicts in recovery will feel- support, pride and victory.” – Anonymous


“Well my official time was a little better than I thought 2hrs and 8 minutes. I still came in last and I’m still totally fine with that. Tanya I thought of you so many times, I swung my arms going up those hills!!  The pic of me is when I wanted to give up, I had thrown up and felt awful BUT all I kept thinking about was my family, my journey over the past 6 years...NO don’t give up!!!  I am so grateful for Cheryl and Erica who came to find me for the last little stretch...words can’t even express how much you ladies mean to me. All my friends waiting at the finish line cheering me on...I’m so proud of all of you for completing your run.  My beautiful medal couldn’t be more fitting.  I found what I was seeking at the end of the race....LOVE! – Tara Hudson

*Tara was this year’s recipient of the Run for Recovery 12K – “Don’t Give Up” award. It’s not how you race…. It’s how you finish.



Huge Thank-You to All Our Sponsors & Partners

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