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- The Purpose -


This event will raise funds for local impact programs and charities and help bring awareness to addictions and substance use in the Tri-Municipal and greater Edmonton areas. In bringing people together without judgement and without prejudice we, as a community, can more effectively support and guide our loved ones through the recovery journey. 


- The Story -

All of us have been touched in some way by addictions. Some in their pain still trapped in the addiction cycle, others working through stages of recovery, loved ones impacted by the effects of substance use and addictions, and those who are celebrating recovery. 


- The Hope -

Recovery from substance use and the cycle of addiction is achievable. This run celebrates the real possibility of living a full and wholesome life free from the addiction cycle and its destructive effects. Restoration of body-mind-soul and healed relationships with a hope for a bright future.

- The Run -

Why 12K? The number "12" is symbolic of the traditional 12 Steps of Recovery those struggling with addictions go through during the recovery process. Why "Trail"? The effort required to overcome the obstacles on the trail represents the difficulty in overcoming the cycle of addiction. This run celebrates addiction recovery, supports those still striving for recovery and stands together with the loved ones impacted. 

- The Who -

We are individuals and families who have been impacted by or have battled first hand addiction and the recovery process. We are support groups and programs in the community and the tireless volunteers dedicated to supporting and connecting with those in the midst of their battle. We are friends who care and deeply desire to see our loved ones free from the bondage of addiction.




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