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the great outdoors

Friendly Folks Frolicking Freely through Fresh Foliage and Frosty Forests!

We have a passion for running, hiking, biking and camping. In doing these things we find great joy in sharing these activities with others. Holy Trails came about in the Spring of 2015 and since then we've ran, hiked, raced, snowshoed and backpacked with hundreds of amazing people from all walks of life.

Many are seeking and finding community, friendships and even healing on the trails as they seek to make themselves and the world they live in healthier, happier and more fulfilled one step at a time.

This site and our activities are for anyone looking to get connected on the trails through running, hiking or biking both local and mountain trails in a lighthearted inclusive group setting. We strive to keep things low key and informal as we share our stories and journeys on the trails. 

There is no substitute to getting a good dose of vitamin nature, so go on, get outside, off the road and do something in the Great-Out-Doors.


In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
- John Muir

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